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The Amazing Spider-Man Preview

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, Wii, 3DS

Spidey’s homecoming is gonna be amazing.

The Pitch: After two linear action games, Spider-Man returns to sling webs in the open world sandbox of the Big Apple with a story that picks up after the events of this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man movie.

What It Really Is: Most Marvel movies come with a companion game (See Thor and Captain America from last summer) and Spidey is no slouch in this department. The Amazing Spider-Man brings back the open sandbox of Manhattan but revamps the graphics and controls for the Webslinger. Most noticeable is the over-the-shoulder camera – a la Gears of War - that gave us a new sense of attachment to the action as well as a serious case of vertigo when Spidey dives off high buildings. Locomotion in the game is seeing a big change in the form of the Web Rush, allowing for parkour-like animations that are automatically triggered when you choose an endpoint. The blending of complete freedom and Web Rush lends a new element to the Spidey genre that is satisfying in both the way it feels and the way it looks as Spider-Man takes on The Rhino and The Iguana. So, basically, Spidey kicks ass in a really big exotic pet store. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “It's amazing how amazing this amazing game truly is.” -

Fun Fact: There’s a faux-twitter feed in the pause menu of the game, we guarantee it’s more exciting than anything @johnsciarrino would say.

Who’s It For: Spidey fans who love an open world city will have as much fun completing the campaign as they will in purposeless sessions of slinging from skyscrapers. If you actually remember The Iguana from the comics then, congrats, you’re as unique as a snowflake.