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The App Review - Deus Ex: The Fall

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5 out of 10

Hardcore hacking goes mobile.

The Pitch: Breaking a new character out in the Deus Ex universe, you play this scaled-down foray through the augmented eyes of Ben Saxon, tactically (and tactilely) shooting or stealthing your way through levels like a boss.

What It Really Is: It takes a special kind of game to successfully make the jump from consoles to mobile platforms. Sadly, Deus Ex is not that game. While we do appreciate the refinement and thoughtfulness that obviously went into The Fall, if you’ve played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you can’ t help but feel there is something perpetually lacking about almost every part of this game despite Square Enix’s best efforts. It’s an iOS game, and is therefore hindered by the limitations of a touchscreen mobile device; but that’s to be expected. However, the touchscreen control options and graphics actually do an impressive job when compared to other games in this class. Where Deus Ex: The Fall comes up short is its gameplay and upgrades. Enemies aren't particularly bright, reacting to your presence in glitchy, unchallenging ways and reacting to the bullets you fire inconsistently, at best. Armor and movement upgrades are highlights of the upgrade system—which is a testament to how bland the upgrade system actually is. In the end, for a game predicated on conspiracy theories with shadow corporations, the predictability factor is ramped up to 10. (We bet you thought we were gonna say 11. See, that’s called being unpredictable.)

Fun Fact: If you’re rocking a jailbroken iPhone, we hope you like stealth mode because The Fall can detect whether you’re on a hacked device and, of all things, won’t let you fire your weapons. For a gaming about hacking EVERYTHING, the irony is strong here.

Who It’s For: Normally, derivative games like these are for fans of a console game that are looking to get a fix on the go. But Deus Ex: The Fall is not normal and has big potential to irritate fans of the series. What The Fall may serve to do best is rope in the uninitiated iPhone gamer into the series, enticing them to play the more robust (and excellent) Human Revolution on the PC they use to sync their iPhone. After all, the Steam Summer Sale is going on now. Just sayin’.




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