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The App Review - Infinity Blade III

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

The premiere hack and slasher game has reached its final form.

The Pitch: Take the sword-swinging action of the first two blockbuster Infinity Blade games, add a new character, new worlds, and a dash of the iPhone 5S’s new horsepower, and mobile gaming is giving your console a run for its money.


What It Really Is: Infinity Blade’s gameplay has always been an addictive test of your hand-eye coordination. Your enemies telegraph their upcoming move and you have to react. It’s a formula that’s worked as far back as Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! The true test of the game is its ability to suck you in for hours as you face increasingly difficult enemies and earn cash to upgrade your arsenal. Had IB3 been just a regurgitation of IB2, we’d hardly be speaking about it so glowingly. Instead, Chair Entertainment pulled the big sword out of the forge this time around and doubled the amount of playable characters in the game (now there are two!). This actually makes more than just a superficial impact on the way the game looks; it gives you the option to take a break from a particularly frustrating fight, switch to the other character and collect your thoughts or, better yet, collect some new gear that’ll make the fight easier. Infinity Blade 3 also greatly expands the world you’re traversing, expanding it to eight worlds (with much more to come via DLC, according to Chair). While the additional environments don’t offer much new in the way of gameplay, they do afford the game an opportunity to flex its graphical muscles, especially on the latest iPhone 5S. IB3 is beeyootiful. Seriously, if we could wolf whistle at just one mobile game in 2013, it’d be this one. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We’ll gladly take a break from swinging…other things, in order to swing a sword in Infinity Blade 3.”

Fun Fact: Chair has said that Infinity Blade 3 will be the final game in the series, exhibiting an unusual amount of restraint for a studio that develops blockbusters (hey, Activision, it’s called restraint, and it’s what’s missing from Call of Duty). We’re excited to see what’s next from Chair.

Who It’s For: Infinity Blade is the (not so) missing link in between casual games like Angry Birds and full-blown console games like Skyrim. Its simple, addictive formula is enough to keep you coming back without the frustrating cheapness of a game like Candy Crush. If you’ve got more than 10 bucks in your iTunes account, Infinity Blade 3 is a must buy.

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