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The Dark Knight Rises App

Release Date: 
App: 9+
Game Platform: 
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

As a man, he can be destroyed. As an app, he can live forever.

The Pitch: The new rule in Hollywood is that you can’t have a summer blockbuster movie without also having a companion app. As you’d expect from anything Batman, The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t just have an app, it has an app that lets you strike fear into the hearts of villains.

What It Really Is: It really is a dumbed down version of the Arkham series but with characters and likenesses lifted directly from the movies. It’s kinda nice to see actual events and characters from the movie make it into the game instead of b-side nobodies like those that appear in other superhero movie companion apps. The point is that the app that represents TDKR on your iPad is more than just a spattering of Batmoments to make a buck. TDKR delivers a compelling 3rd person action game experience that lets you take to the streets and skies of Gotham in some ways that even the extraordinary Arkham City didn’t allow. Being able to surf the skyline in the BatHovercraft gave us such a BatBoner, it actually necessitated the purchase of a codpiece which, by the way, is much more effective than tucking it into your utility belt. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “With Batman around, our iPad has never been safer!”

Fun Fact: Leading up to the movie’s launch, another Dark Knight Rises app launched. Using your iPhone/iPad’s camera, Gotham Citys Most Wanted put Batman, Catwoman or Bane’s mask on your face in a surprisingly realistic way. Sadly, it was left to you to growl, purr or mumble in the voice of your favorite character.

Who’s It For: If your cape and cowl are collecting dust in your Batcave parent’s basement, you can find some inspiration to dust it off in this game. And congrats, you know, for still having parents.