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The Gaming Preview: Borderlands 2

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
Gearbox Software/2K Games

Sneaking a peek at Gearbox’s latest.

The Pitch: Three years after Borderlands graced the world with its off-beat characters, massive weapon cache and fresh approach to online co-op, a sequel is locked and loaded to put a bullet between the eyes of any gamer who doesn’t think this adventure is bigger and better.

What It Really Is: One of this year’s high profile sequels that overhauls almost every system without losing sight of what made the original great. That’s not an easy line to toe but what we’ve seen of Borderlands 2 has us marking our calendars for the launch AND itching to pop the original back in for a revisit to Pandora. Now a full blown franchise, the series returns with a bigger world and a wider variety of weapons that look as different as they feel. While you’ll still choose from familiar character classes, the characters themselves are newcomers to Pandora and, this time, they’re even more customizable through appearance mods and deeper ability upgrade trees. Borderlands 2 will have you shredding through enemies and achieving never-before-seen levels of badassery in just a few hours of gameplay. Last but not least is the brand new adventure set for our heroes, taking on Handsome Jack, a megalomaniacal villain who reminded us of an Ari Gold clone with just a hint of Darth Vader dropped in as he plots to rule the world of Pandora from his H-shaped Death Star, Hyperion. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If Borderlands 2 was hidden in a vault, we’d trade any amount of Eridian to get it.”

Fun Fact: The game launches with four characters but a fifth, a red-headed cyborg called the Mechromancer, will be added as DLC after launch...and he’s the only ginger we’ve ever passed on making a joke about.

Who’s It For: Borderland fans are a devoted bunch, logging hundreds of hours into the game’s addictive hybrid FPS/RPG co-op. Gearbox is going to lengths to give the people more of what they want in BL2, so clearing your schedule from September 18th til about 2015 wouldn’t be the worst idea.