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The Gaming Preview - Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psycho DLC

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC

His stomach is clear; his mind is full of bacon.


The Pitch: The newest addition to the Vault Hunter lineup of playable characters, Krieg the Psycho adds some heavy muscle and a pinch of lunacy to your latest jaunt through Pandora.


What It Really Is: A big reason to dust off your copy of Borderlands 2 if you haven’t played it lately, and a big reason to start a new campaign if you have. Krieg’s backstory remains expectedly mysterious, but we do know that, through a series of shady experimentation, Krieg comes out on the other side with a heavy hankering to protect the innocent and punish everyone else. He’s a hulking, schizophrenic, beastly machine, and probably the most differentiated character to join the struggle as a vault hunter that we’ve seen. Krieg is pointedly emphasized as a brawler and plays best with an up-close-and-personal style. Besides his internal banter - he talks to himself quite a bit - Krieg has the most complex and rewarding skill trees out of any character. Here, see for yourself. There’s some wild stuff in there, from stackable buffs for melee attacks to changing the entire “Fight for your life” dynamic to something called “Light the Fuse,” where you’ll save yourself by chasing enemies around with dynamite. It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it solidifies our belief that if Bugs Bunny were to think up a video game during one of his night terrors, it’d look a helluva lot like Borderlands. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If we could choose our bunkmate at the psych ward, Krieg would be our first and second pick.”


Fun Fact: Those cunning bastards over at Gearbox have been hinting at Krieg turning up for a while, going so far as to drop Psycho class mods during playthroughs of the game well before Krieg was even close to making an appearance. If you were one of the bright-eyed boyscouts who had the foresight to snatch one of these mods, today is the day they turn worthwhile.


Who’s It For:  Borderlands 2 Season Pass holders are definitely getting their money’s worth from Gearbox this year, as Krieg is the second character addition to the roster since launch, and the fourth DLC offshoot campaign is quickly approaching. Wisely, Gearbox is injecting Krieg into the mix with plenty of time to level him up to be an active participant in that upcoming DLC story for our favorite NPC, Tiny Tina. Stay tuned.

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