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The Gaming Preview - Madden 25

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3

It’s beginning to smell a lot like pigskin.

The Pitch: Just as the NFL pre-season games are whetting our whistles for the NFL season, the Madden 25 demo is here to psyche us up for the full game to drop on August 27th. Necessarily gimped - it is a demo after all - it shows off the core experience of this year’s installment and hints at the rest of the uber-deep game modes for everyone who dreams of owning and managing a team.

What It Really Is: The fundamentals. Madden is in the (un)enviable position of being an absolutely beloved series that also has to justify its yearly existence to the same fans that make it beloved. While the full game promises the depth that you’d expect from a franchise that’s added layer upon layer, year after year, it’s the gameplay that’s front and center in the demo, making its annual bid to dominate your free time—and then some. Made up of a skills trainer and four teams to face off with (Niners, Packers, Seahawks, Ravens), our early experience with this year’s Madden delivered the quality we expected, as EA Sports continues to refine its cornerstone series with a streamlined, logical, in-game control scheme that actually feels more natural than previous years. We’re obviously not averse to “enhancements,” but it’s hard to deny that natural is always better, if you know what we mean. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “This year’s Madden is gonna be so good, John Madden is now eating it for Thanksgiving.” -

Fun Fact: The cover athlete of each year’s Madden installment tends to have a pretty shitty year. How do you break the curse? By putting Barry Sanders on the cover. Unless he’s planning a comeback after more than a decade of retirement, we think he’ll be safe.

Who It’s For: Madden fans, if you’re not sure if you’re gonna upgrade to this year’s model, then the demo (out today) is aimed right at you. However, there are certainly enough people out there who are committed to the yearly purchase so, if picking up Madden 25 is a forgone conclusion for you, you can still get down with the demo to start honing your skills so you can be competitive in online multiplayer on day one.

Madden 25 is out August 27th. The demo version is out now.


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