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The Gaming Review – Dead Space 3

Game Platform: 
Xbox, PlayStation 3, PC
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Putting the finality in the final frontier.

The Pitch: Isaac Clarke returns for more Necromorph-mashing, gun-crafting, snow-trekking adventures in space, now with 100% more co-op. Don’t worry, it’s still not a game you want to play alone at night.

What It Really Is: There may be more action than you’ve ever found in a Dead Space game but there are definitely moments in Dead Space 3 when you jump out of your headset, and playing it in the dark is still a bad idea if you’ve got a heart condition. Dead Space 3 is much more thrilling than a moody walk through isolated space, which makes sense because you’re literally not isolated anymore. DS3 introduces co-op into the series for the first time, and allows friends to jump in and out on the fly to lend a comforting and helpful hand as John Carver. While Dead Space 3 does an excellent job of giving fans the experience they’ve been waiting for, it’s this co-op mode where DS3 really shines, allowing for missions that aren’t available in the solo campaign but also giving gamers two different experiences depending on if they’re playing as the Necromorph veteran Clarke or the newbie-with-a-touch-of-space-dementia Carver. So, if you’re trudging through the snowy landscape of Tau Volantis and your teammate starts calling out bogies that you don’t see, be prepared to slap him around to get his head straight. Ready-Made Press Blurb: Dead Space’s Necromorph outbreak is easily the best kind of outbreak you’ll experience this year.” –

Fun Fact: Electronic Arts has chosen to give gamers the option to buy a handful of day-one DLC that’ll give them a leg up in the weapon-crafting department and help them progress through the game faster. We have absolutely no idea who buys this crap, but we hate them a little.

Who’s It For: Anyone who feels that the Resident Evil series has gone soft (because it has) will still be pleased with the scares that are intact here, as long as you don’t mind your chills coming with an interstellar slant. Dead Space has a surprisingly robust storyline that extends beyond just the games, and anyone who’s been sucked into the love triangle between Isaac, his lady love, and legions of face-sucking Necromorphs should be eager to start playing through. And if you don’t really care about Isaac’s plight you should still check out Dead Space 3 for one of the best co-op campaigns we’ve seen in recent memory.

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