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The Gaming Review - Defiance

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

A game, a show, a way of life.

The Pitch: Blending RPG elements with third-person shooting, Defiance is a massive mutliplayer online game that will run concurrently with Syfy Network’s new TV show of the same name.

What It Really Is: An MMO that might be better on an Xbox than a PC: A very unusual outcome indeed. Defiance’s claim to fame isn’t just that it’s tied into a TV show but that it offers 64v64 person deathmatches in a persistent universe, where a random mission to grind out some XP may put you in the middle of someone else’s firefight. The dynamic nature of the game is one if its highlights, giving way to organically springing alliances that’ll benefit you and your ally, whether they’re a complete stranger or not. In many ways, Defiance is an astoundingly ambitious effort for both Trion Games and the Syfy Network who, presumably, bankrolled the game in tandem with the show. The mixing of these mediums – MMO and weekly installment TV show – is an unprecedented endeavor with a ton of potential upsides (though that remains to be seen once the TV series gets fully underway). We have high hopes that the integration of the show’s plot will help bolster the game, because our biggest gripe about Defiance’s gameplay was that its missions became repetitive and boring too quickly. If the TV show fails to incorporate the game in a meaningful way, it seems Defiance as a whole may go down as a novelty flash in the pan, like a pet rock or Dane Cook’s movie career. (Remember Employee of the Month? Yeah, neither do we.) Ready-Made Press Blurb:  “We dare you to defy us and not play Defiance.” -

Fun Fact: Defiance isn’t just the general attitude of the characters toward their antagonistic alien invaders; it’s also the name of the town near St. Louis where the events of the show happen. Double entendre, bitches!

Who It’s For:

Science fiction fans looking to finally marry their TV watching with their gaming have to remain hopeful that Defiance delivers on both fronts. Console gamers who’ve felt left out of the MMO establishment on PCs will also be happy to have Defiance in their collection as one of the better, more balanced MMO games you can own. Of course, if the show shits the bed, the game will likely lose its audience fast, but, with 13 episodes scheduled to air throughout the summer, you’re good for a few months’ worth of gameplay before Defiance’s fate is decided.



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