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The Gaming Review - Halo 4’s Majestic Map Pack

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8 out of 10

We love our cartography with a side of violence.


The Pitch: So, you’ve finished Halo 4’s epic campaign, plowed through 10 weeks’ worth of Spartan Ops episodes, and know every multiplayer map like the house where you grew up. Time to spice up your deathmatches with Halo’s Majestic Map pack.


What It Really Is: The Majestic Map Pack introduces three new maps—Monolith, Landfall, and Skyline—that can be used for any of the game types in Halo 4’s extensive multiplayer matchmaking. Monolith is a forerunner-built, multi-tiered structure that’s wrapped in a craggy asteroid, making for full-blown chaos that’s best suited for smaller SWAT matches. Landfall is the largest of the three maps, built around a UNSC staging area and allowing for a more strategic, team-based approach to deathmatches, but really, it’s a map that shines brightest during objective games like Capture the Flag. Finally, there’s the two-story construction site of Skyline. Also a map on the smaller size, this is a tight level where firefights break out quickly and those who have mastered parkour in Spartan armor will be rewarded. All together, the maps of the Majestic pack add a good variety to Halo 4’s existing collection and give gamers a short reprieve from inadequacy while the tweens that ordinarily taunt you online take two weeks to learn the new levels. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Halo 4’s Majestic Map Pack made us feel like Xbox royalty!”


Fun Fact: Gamers who copped the limited edition of Halo 4 will get this map pack for free. Alternatively, you can snag yourself a season pass after the fact that’ll open up the previous Crimson maps, these new Majestic maps, and also the Castle pack that’s scheduled for an April debut.


Who It’s For: People who want to get more out of the Halo 4 experience. Plain and simple, this pack is useless for anyone who isn’t rocking late-night skirmishes or bailing on Friday classes because that flag isn’t gonna capture itself. If you don’t want to be left out of Halo’s latest War Games, the Majestic maps are a must.



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