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The Gaming Review - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, Wii U
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

No cape, no cowl, no service.

The Pitch: Building an entire fighting game around the best characters in the DC Universe, NetherRealms and the Warners have teamed up to deliver a game that’s as dark and deep as any fighting game out there.

What It Really Is: First and foremost, Injustice is one of the most exciting new fighting games in recent memory, setting itself apart from sequels and mashups by bringing a huge cast of well-known characters to the genre for the first time. We’re not ashamed that facing off with Batman as Bain made us squee with delight, and that’s just one of the many perks in this highly polished fighter. We could talk about Injustice’s rad plot pulled from the pages of comic books, or the seemingly infinite number of game modes beyond the campaign, like straight ladders or king of the hill. But we know the most important part of a fighting game is its controls and balance. Injustice does a damn good job of explaining how a mere mortal like Batman can face-off on a level playing field with an unbounded alien like Superman, but more importantly, the feel of the combat is incredibly tight, with combos rewarding the diligent and combo-breakers being a big arrow in the quiver of the clever and quick. Nuts and bolts aside, Injustice’s major appeal lies in its ability to settle arguments like “who would win in a fight, Aquaman or The Flash?” We all know the answer is never Aquaman, because he’s basically the Dr. Dolittle of the seas....but, with a little practice and some good technique, even Aquaman can pull off the win Poseidon never thought he’d get. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “Play Injustice and you, too, can boast about surviving a bat-punch to the jaw.”

Fun Fact: Comic book video game heavyweight writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti were brought in to consult on Injustice, and keep everything in line with DC Comics’ authenticity. Good thing, too; if the guys at NetherRealm (who made every Mortal Kombat ever) had their way, we’d be reading DC KomiKs faster than Superman could circumnavigate the Earth.

Who It’s For: There’s really no denying that Injustice was created so fans of DC’s universe could have a rock ‘em, sock ‘em love fest with their favorite heroes and villains. The end result, however, is the best fighting game we’ve seen so far in 2013, and it will make the Tekken and Street Fighter faithful raise an eyebrow and take notice of the new kid on the block.


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