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The Gaming Review - Madden 25

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Gridironing never looked so good.

The Pitch: EA Sports brings this year’s version of Madden to fans across the nation, dropping the yearly titling for an ode to its 25 year legacy. With it comes new physics, new modes, and a slew of VIPs from the past 25 years of NFL history.

What It Really Is: It’s Madden, it’s a yearly installment, and it brings the minor adjustments, improvements, and tweaks you’d expect of an annual franchise. The Madden series always toes the line between preserving the gameplay that fans love and eking out improvements so no one can take to Internet forums and declare this year’s iteration the worst Madden ever. Luckily, this is not the case for Big John’s anniversary showing. Upgraded physics and ball-carrier handling add some verticality to this year’s learning curve for veterans, but the controls are tighter and feel better than ever. You also can’t have a year go by without Madden messing around with modes. Much better than last year’s omission of a fantasy draft mode, Madden 25 brings with it a Connected Franchise mode that encompasses creating a player, being a coach, or being an owner, allowing you to make decisions for your team from top to bottom. Madden’s All-25 and Ultimate Team also add the option for players who don’t want to devote the time to building a team from scratch to make it to the playoffs and compete under nail-biter circumstances with guys like Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor, or cover-athlete Barry Sanders. If only we could draft those guys in our fantasy football leagues, too. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If this franchise was named for anyone else, we wouldn’t buy it. Collinsworth ‘15 would just be a bad game.”

Fun Fact: This is actually the first time a cover-athlete has graced the front of the box twice. Oddly enough, Barry Sanders is one of the few guys to escape the Madden curse, because both times he appeared on the cover were after he retired from the NFL (2000 was his other cover year).

Who It’s For: People who love the NFL, people who love John Madden, people who love high cholesterol and blocked arteries (these people also, typically, love John Madden), people who are now so deep into Fantasy Football that a video game might actually bring them back to reality somehow. Basically, if you wanna play football in a video game, online with your friends, Madden 25 is the only way to do it. You could just keep playing Madden 13 but you know that’s gonna look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland when everyone clears out and upgrades to Madden 25.


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