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The Gaming Review - Metro: Last Light

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

In Mother Russia, world saves you!

The Pitch: Moscow is scorched, everyone has moved underground and, after taking out an entire race of mutants on the surface, you’re pretty pissed about still having to live your life in a subway station. Welcome to the first-person shooter, Metro: Last Light.

What It Really Is: Taking place after the events of Metro: 2033, your character, Artyom, is grappling with the fact that his previous efforts haven’t done anything to remedy the fact that mutants are still roaming the surface of the Earth and that humanity is still squabbling amongst itself in the subway tunnels of Moscow. The end result is Artyom’s new quest to wade through the dark underbelly of Moscow through a scuffling human race and the wasteland of hostile mutanity up above. We give Last Light a ton of credit for its ability to completely suck you into its story and world - NPCs roam freely, talking about the events that led them to their current predicament, and there’s no heads-up display to draw you out of the dreary environments that 4A Games created. Our gripe is that there’s a huge gap between the difficulty levels of the enemies you face. Underground, humans walk the same lines, approaching you head-on and getting mowed down in an orderly fashion. On the surface, however, mutants stalk you like a pack of wolves, attacking mercilessly from the front and flanks. If that’s 4A’s social commentary and prediction of us bowing to our future mutant overlords then it’s damn clever, but that doesn’t change the fact that the disparity is jarring and sort of, well, cheap. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Metro: Last Light has finally given us the excuse we needed to start our hobo life living in a subway station.”

Fun Fact: In recent days, news has come out about 4A Games’ extraordinarily awful working conditions. The Ukrainian team is smaller than any other developing games of this scope. They work at card tables and on folding chairs. They have to smuggle computers in for fear of them being confiscated by thieving customs agents. All this and they still conjured up an exemplary game in Last Light. Impressive doesn’t begin to describe these guys.

Who It's For: Despite being a well-crafted game that delivers on most fronts, Metro: Last Light has been relegated to a mid-May release where it will inevitably be eclipsed by big Hollywood movies and the simple fact that people just want to be outside after a miserable winter. However, it remains a universally enjoyable game with a great story and some memorable action sequences, and is an easy pick up for anyone who wants a FPSer that isn’t afraid to break from the pack of COD clones.