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The Gaming Review - MLB 13: The Show

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS Vita, PS3
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Now taking applications to be the next Mr. October.

The Pitch: The Sony-exclusive MLB experience returns for its annual outing, and this year it brings a bit of extra polish and a killer new post-season mode.

What It Really Is: Like all sports franchises, MLB 13: The Show suffers from the normal woes of an annual game; it’s already damn good, so why change it? To its credit, The Show has always been an excellent series, known for accurate character modeling, great graphics, and airtight ball physics. The challenge, year after year, is how to add more value than just roster updates to each iteration. MLB 13: The Show approaches this issue by adding in two new modes: The Show Live and Post-Season mode. The former is Sony’s answer to 2K Sports’ stand-out MLB Today mode, delivering current baseball happenings directly to your console so you can feel more attuned with each day’s MLB activities and play along with the regular season. The latter is a piece of innovation that helps shrink down the overly long baseball season into an action-packed 10 team tourney that makes the game more accessible to casual fans, complete with over-excited crowds, season-saving squeezes, and more promise of a Cubs World Series win than you’ll ever see in real life. Ready-Made Press Blurb: MLB 13: The Show is so good that we had to test it for PEDs.”

Fun Fact: The cover of MLB 13: The Show features Pittsburg Pirate Andrew McCutchen for the US version and Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista for the Canadian version. If they pulled that kind of shit for the cover of an NHL one would even notice.

Who It’s For: We could point out that, for baseball lovers, the PS3 is the only console that actually gives you a choice between two competing baseball games each year, but the real winners here are PSVita owners. The Vita version of The Show looks just as good as its console counterpart and doesn’t sacrifice any of the modes that make the game great.


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