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The Gaming Review - MLB 2K13

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Like a balk for your Xbox.

The Pitch: Another year, another MLB 2K and another Perfect Game contest. 2K Sports keeps its streak alive with another annual outing for America’s national past time, bringing the crack of the bat to your living room with the style we’ve come to expect from the 2K series.

What It Really Is: We know the box says 2K13 but this sure feels a whole lot like 2K12, and there’s not much here to convince us otherwise. Obligatory roster updates aside, we had a hard time figuring out what the team at Visual Concepts spent their off-season doing. We’re grateful that the excellent batting and pitching systems return, and MLB 2K13 also comes with the handful of game modes that’ll keep baseball fans busy building World Series-winning teams, but this year the game just feels, well, lazy. Look, we get it, when you’re in the unenviable position of pumping out the same game every single year, it’s necessary to evolve slowly. Sadly, MLB 2K13 feels like no evolution at all, and the Perfect Game contest, which runs through the entirety of April and will pay out a million bucks worth of prizes to 30 gamers, begs the question: what  do we do with this game come May 1st? As happy as we are that the best parts of MLB 2K12 return in 13, we certainly wouldn’t have minded if the worst parts were left in the past. Character modeling remains a sore point for the 2K version of baseball, leaving many of our favorite players unrecognizable and the game feeling rigid and fundamentally incorrect. Animations are choppy and off-putting. Even the commentary, which is typically good in the series, feels largely recycled from last year. We’re all for going green, but reducing, reusing, and recycling is a strategy best used on garbage, not video games. Ready-Made Press Blurb:MLB 2K12 was such a good game that 2K Sports brought it back for seconds!”

Fun Fact: MLB 2K13 sees the return of many favorite game modes but has inexplicably dropped Online Leagues from its arsenal. So, if you rely on a video game to get your time on the diamond with friends, it may be a good year to look into a competitive wiffle ball league. 

Who It’s For: Xbox owners who love baseball. More specifically, Xbox owners who love baseball but decided to not buy MLB 2K12 last year. If you have a PS3, you should probably grab a copy of the Sony-only MLB 13: The Show. If you have MLB 2K12 already, you’ve already got everything good 2K13 has to offer. And if you don’t have an Xbox AND you hate baseball, you might just wanna go grab a bat and start hitting things.



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