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The Gaming Review - Pikmin 3

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Wii U
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Moving mountains, one Pikmin at a time.



The Pitch: On an interplanetary search to find food for your hungry home planet, your ship crashes on a planet that’s full of food, nasty enemies, and helpful little critters called Pikmin that will aid you in your quest to explore the planet, rebuild your spaceship, and bring back the food your people so desperately need.



What It Really Is:  A cross between action and real-time strategy, Pikmin 3 is a first-party Nintendo game that arrives slightly overdue for Nintendo’s WiiU.  The game uses both the WiiU gamepad and the WiiMote to handle how you direct up to 100 Pikmin – adorable little critters that are really just tools for you to use - to get through the myriad tasks the game throws at you. The environments are spectacular, the tasks are varied, and the baddies are good fun to test your mettle against. Sadly, the game is not without drawbacks, mainly coming in two forms. The first is the control scheme, which doesn’t allow for the precise aiming that you need during those tough spots and time crunches where you need every Pikmin to count, and can’t have them putzing around aimlessly. The other is the time limit, which simultaneously makes the control scheme even more frustrating, and puts a significant damper on the joys of exploring the lush environments that Nintendo has created for you to play through. The end result is a frantic dash through each levels’ 15-minute time limit, where you’re forced to keep one eye on the task at hand and the other on the gorgeous level design that you can’t really enjoy. Meanwhile, you’ll have one hand on the wiimote, and the other shaking a fist to the universe in anguish over the lack of time limit options. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Pikmin 3 is such a colorful, joyous game that it’s now being considered a form of rehab for violent criminals.” -



Fun Fact: Pikmin’ 3’s main characters are Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. Sadly, Alph is spelled with a “ph” and not an “f” and, as far as we know, he doesn’t like eating cats or annoying families in a hilarious, sitcom sort of way.



Who’s It For:  WiiU owners. Seriously, if you own a WiiU, you should definitely own this game, as it’s one of the best examples of what the WiiU can do with its beefed up graphics. And if you’ve been groaning for the past nine years since Pikmin 2 that you absolutely need more, Pikmin 3 is definitely one of the better reasons to pick up a WiiU.



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