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The Gaming Review - Saints Row IV

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Taking your crime spree to the Oval Office...and beyond!

The Pitch:  As the leader of the Saints you’ve gone from small-time gang leader to international celebrity. The only logical place left for you is the Oval Office—and that’s exactly where Saints Row IV begins. But when aliens attack, it’s not just your responsibility to save the good people of Steelport, but also the entire human race.

What It Really Is: We went into Saints Row IV expecting more of the same: jack a car, drive to a location, shoot some shit up, repeat. Boy, we couldn’t have been more wrong. While the city of Steelport remains the same in almost every aspect, gone is the need to drive or shoot, because, after the aliens attack and you escape from their Matrix-esque prison, you re-enter Steelport like a goddamn super hero. Jumping tall buildings, ground-pounding enemies, dashing around faster than the Flash… It’s a paradigm shift of epic proportions for the Saints franchise, and it’s a shitload of fun as you power through missions to rescue your fellow gang-members (who you can then get frisky with), dismantle the prison that bound you, and take down the alien invaders to save what’s left of humanity. Massive changes to the gameplay aside, this is still a Saints game at heart, and it doesn’t forget to deliver the quirky, dirty elements that we’ve come to love. There are entirely too many references to list here so we’ll leave it to you to find your favorites, but we will say that, if you’ve been hankering for a Double Dragon fix, we’re pretty sure you’ll get it here. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Saints Row IV is the first time we’ve actually enjoyed having a criminal in the White House.”

Fun Fact: Saints Row IV has an outstanding level of customization when it comes to your playable character. You can make him (or her) look however you want, but we highly recommend choosing the Nolan North voice option. That guy is a pro.

Who It’s For: Longtime fans of the Saints Row franchise will be pleasantly surprised at how SR4 manages to deliver an entirely different experience for the gang while keeping the core experiences that set the Saints apart from other games in the category intact. We suspect the Saints will find new fans when gamers who liked InFamous and Prototype—other super-powered sandbox games—find out that Saints Row IV just shamed each of those games in both style and in gameplay. If flying, running, and nut-shotting your enemies into submission (and your civilization to freedom) sound like your idea of a good time, Saints Row IV will not disappoint.



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