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The Gaming Review - Star Trek

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC
Star Rating: 
5 out of 10

The most illogical thing Spock has ever done.


The Pitch: Bridging the gap between JJ Abrams’ reboot and this summer’s sequel, Star Trek the video game is a co-op quest that spotlights Spock and Kirk in their fight against the Gorn.


What It Really Is: A good idea gone terribly awry. At the outset, Star Trek has all the makings of one helluva game: third-person co-op with one of our favorite duos in the universe, voice-acting from the movie’s cast, the fan favorite Gorn showing up as enemies, and the USS Enterprise begging you to explore it. Seriously, if they had simply stuck Chris Pine and Zack Quinto’s heads onto any other third person game with flapping jaws à la South Park Canadians and let you loose on the Enterprise, all would’ve been well and good. Instead, Star Trek shows up as a jigsaw of pleasant-enough action pieced together with atrocious glitches, disjointed voice acting, and monotonous level design. The RPG elements of the game are earned quicker through better cooperation with your partner, but ultimately do very little in buffing your character or making any difference at all. You can actually hear your hopes whistling in a death-spiral as you plow through the game, encountering new, awful glitches, and the same hallway over and over.


Fun Fact: The Gorn, a wide variety of lizard-men who are featured as the main enemies in the game, actually only showed up once in the original Star Trek show, when William Shatner’s Kirk went toe to toe with them....46 years ago.

Who It’s For: It’s hard to imagine anyone but Trekkies enjoying this game, which is ironic, because the creators of Star Trek the game went to great lengths to make it accessible to a wider audience, forgoing opportunities that would have pleased Trekkies in the process. The end result is a mediocre mess that joins the ranks of movie-based games that perpetuate the notion that, unless it’s Lego, games based on movies simply suck. The good news is that Lego will probably scoop up the rights to Lego-ize Star Trek sooner or later, and that game will undoubtedly deliver where this one has failed.

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