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The Gaming Review - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

Teaching you to be the ball for 15 years.

The Pitch:  With Tiger Woods not showing up in winner’s jackets as often as he used to, EA Sports has expanded his namesake video game dynasty to include the biggest names in modern golf history. Add in some new game modes and classic courses and TWoods is ready for its 2014 outing.

What It Really Is: A major improvement over 2013’s mediocre offering, Tiger comes back this year with a vengeance. While we could spend a ton of time talking about the additions of pros like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, TWoods14 brings much more than a new roster of playable golfers to the table. Connected tournaments, bigger country clubs, and integrated chat buff up the online components that give the series its infinite replayability, but the additions to solo play are most deserving of our golf clap. For the first time ever, all four of the PGA’s major tournaments are present and accounted for. Better than that, they’re all accessible through the new Quick Tournament mode, meaning you don’t have to grind through an entire career for a chance to experience the hoopla of winning a green jacket at Augusta. The slew of legendary players now available in the game are often borrowed by the new Legends of the Majors mode, taking players back over 100 years to experience 50+ of golf’s greatest moments in a very personal way. The old-timey sepia style doesn’t quite make up for the game’s still-lackluster graphics, but it is a novelty that we really got into. So much so, in fact, that when our roommate annoyingly pointed out that there were no replay cameras in the 1800s, sepia or otherwise, we took off our checkered knickers and suffocated him to death. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “Since getting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 we haven’t stopped pulling the stick, putting from the rough, or draining hole-in-ones.”

Fun Fact: Though TWoods14 does include more courses than ever before right out of the box, EA Sports can’t seem to let go of their nickel and diming ways, withholding potentially essential courses like the 1934 version of Augusta or the Blue Monster for the premium “Historic Edition” or as DLC for procrastinators.

Who It’s For: EA Sports’ Tiger Woods series draws two types of people: Fans of golf and fans of competitive sports video games. TWoods14 caters to both by giving golf fans a ton of history to play through and also making competitive modes more robust, both locally and online. Sadly, our favorite part of golf is the excuse to make Caddyshack jokes and they are woefully absent in TWoods14. Maybe next year.



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