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The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10
It’s not easy being green, especially when you’re trying to make a career change from comic book hero to video game star. Luckily for The Hulk, he’s got some help. Made by Radical Entertainment (the people behind The Simpsons: Hit & Run), Destruction is not only the best Hulk game yet, it’s one of the better comic book games we've played. Much like Destroy All Humans, Destruction is open-ended mayhem, where everything is breakable, and you can enjoy quick side missions or just smash stuff like a rock star in a hotel room. But it also has a compelling Story mode, written by former Hulk scribe Paul Jenkins, who gives the big guy a reason to use his considerable crushing skills. They even got Band Of Brothers star Neal McDonough to do Bruce Banner’s voice like he did in the mid-’90s cartoon. Like Kermit used to say, “Hulk smash good.”