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The Matrix Online

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6 out of 10
We're not sure about you, but we pretty much "jacked-out" for good after that second Matrix movie. Then along comes this better-late-than-never massive multiplayer role-playing game based on the trilogy that famously shot itself in the foot…twice. The game is a continuation of the noodle-baking Matrix storyline, so at least it's not the typical video game plot rehash. It opens with you taking the red pill and being "awakened" to the fact that your life has been one, long, lonely, beer-soaked illusion; from there, each time you log into the game, you're "jacking in" to the Matrix. The gameplay itself is typical of online multiplayer games—pick your faction and develop your character via solo and group missions. The unique fighting system keeps things lively—martial arts and gun battles play out by aligning "moves" on an action bar—but whether or not there are enough Matrix fans out there to populate this huge, lush world remains to be seen.