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The Top 10 Sports Video Game Glitches of 2013

Something is not right, and sometimes totally terrifying. 

Modern video games are getting closer and closer to reality. The player designs, camera setups and stadium renderings amount to immersive experiences that put you right in the midst of the action. But for however realistic these sports games are becoming, there are always glitches. Glitches can be good for gamers—they keep us grounded and remind us that, no, we are indeed not professional athletes taking a pass from, say, Cristiano Ronaldo. Sometimes glitches cost us games and are incredibly frustrating; other times they’re unintentionally hilarious.

So here’s a look at our top 10 favorite glitches from 2013 Sports Games, from hockey checks into the stands to getting screwed out of a buzzer-beater win.

10. Race the Ref

Remember FIFA International Soccer for Genesis, Super Nintendo, etc.? You can run away from the ref booking you for a bad tackle, avoiding a card until he catches you. Almost 20 years later, we have a similar glitch. As NoughtPointFourLIVE explains, during a free kick, you can make the ref chase you around the pitch. You need a player wall, and a player without a yellow card. While it seems the offending player and poor ref never tire, we can’t say the same for the opposing team.

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