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The Way of the Samurai 2

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4 out of 10
If you expect this game to supply the vivid action of films like The Last Samurai, you'll suffer crushing disappointment (especially since there's no "Bitch-Slap Tom Cruise Into Humility" mode). Instead, you get a slice-'em-up-meets-role-playing adventure in which you wander around a town as a lone swordsman working menial jobs or making sashimi of local gangs for points. A branching plot gives you infinite options to take the righteous or rogue paths and collect extra-powerful weapons along the way. Mediocre graphics and voice "acting" that has nothing on the Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Junior High School Drama Society round out the package. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure book set in the Edo period of Japanese history—in other words, a very special form of excruciating, ritual torture.