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UEFA Euro 2012 DLC

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
EA Sports
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Setting the stage for this summer’s showdown.

The Pitch: In anticipation of this summer’s Euro Cup, EA Sports has released a DLC pack for FIFA 12 that overlays UEFA Euro 2012 action onto the best version of FIFA yet.


What It Really Is: What it’s not is an entirely new game that fans have to buy. Unlike the World Cup offshoot of 2010 or the UEFA Euro 2008 before it, UEFA Euro 2012 comes as a downloadable layer that fits snugly on top of your already awesome copy of FIFA 12. Good news is that the DLC does a good job of bringing the excitement of the Euro to FIFA’s outstanding gameplay. New commentary, online modes and tourney-specific challenges inject  fanfare for footy fans who want to play along with this summer’s action. Unfortunately, the Euro DLC’s shortcomings outweigh much of its good. Expedition mode, the bulk of the DLC’s unique offering, is a repetitive and unrewarding endeavor, forcing you to play teams three times each. Besides a disappointingly abridged celebration cut scene, victories reward you! Apparently UEFA hasn’t heard of Google Images. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We’re pretty sure UEFA stands for Ultimate Ecstasy for Football Addicts.” -

Fun Fact: Almost half of the 53 teams found here are made up of unlicensed “generic” squads. We tolerate that shit for NCAA games because college players are basically indentured servants but these are pros. Step up your game, EA.

Who’s It For: Soccer fans, plain and simple. FIFA as a game can appeal to fans of sports video games because it’s fast and fun but if you don’t care about the Euro Cup then you’re better off saving the $20 entry fee.