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Release Date: 
App: 4+
Vodio Labs
Star Rating: 
10 out of 10

An internet's worth of videos in a slick mobile package

The Pitch: Pulling videos from all over the interwebs in five of your favorite categories and jamming them into a single feed, Vodio sets out to be your one-stop app for all things streaming, whether you’re on the go with an iPhone or on the couch with an iPad.

What It Really Is: At its most fundamental, Vodio is a simple streaming video aggregator with an extreme amount of thoughtful polish. Launching it after install will prompt you to pick a handful of broad categories that interest you and then (optionally) connecting it to your social media accounts of choice. From there on out, you’ll have on-demand, personalized content ready to go anytime you launch the app. Vodio’s biggest strengths come from its design decisions; from a beautiful user interface to content based on your facebook/twitter interactions to simple decisions like not leaving the app to watch a YouTube video (usually the YouTube app would automatically launch), Vodio makes other apps - including the built-in YouTube app - feel dated and dumb. Content options and channels are always just a tap away yet never interrupt viewing, and the next video, chosen specifically for your preferences, is always ready to be queued and played, making battery drain the only reason to snap back to reality. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “Vodio makes our phones smarter.” -

Fun Fact: Studies show that 24% of cell phone users won’t go to the bathroom without their cell phone and 100% of those users won’t leave the bathroom if they have Vodio on their phone.

Who’s It For: Vodio is a godsend if your office blocks YouTube on your work computer. We also found that the combination of Vodio and muting your television is a great way to ignore commercials during your favorite primetime shows.