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Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Iron Galaxy Studios/Microsoft Studios
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Musketeers just look lame by comparison.

The Pitch: The only Summer of Arcade game this year that requires a Kinect sensor, Wreckateer sets out to bring the destructive delight of Angry Birds to the Xbox with all the flair of a Renaissance festival.

What It Really Is: A surprisingly deep, though sometimes repetitious, experience that proves Kinect can be a fun standalone control system with the right kind of game. Wreckateer has a distinct advantage over full-retail, Kinect-only games; it sets its sights on a single, simple objective (taking down buildings with catapults) and it accomplishes that goal admirably. In other Kinect-only games, we’ve seen developers overreach and fail because they try to make Kinect something it’s not, a gamepad. Wreckateer succeeds because 1 - Kinect gestures used for aiming and shooting are intuitive, mimicking your on-screen avatar in a way that makes sense and 2- the controls are responsive in a way that we haven’t seen on Kinect before. Seriously, whatever kind of Kool Aid they’re serving at Iron Galaxy Studios needs to get passed around to other Kinect devs, stat. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Wreckateer is all the fun of smashing classmates’ blocks in kindegarten without being sent to the corner for time out” -

Fun Fact: Wreckateer tasks gamers with destroying buildings manned by green ogres. Angry Birds tasks gamers with destroying buildings manned by green pigs. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Who’s It For: Wreckateer is a cheap way to remind yourself why you bought a Kinect in the first place. And if you happen to enjoy your avatar garbed like little Lord Fauntleroy, that’s just a bonus.