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Get Your Pork On With American Hoggers Tonight

We'd be lying if we said reality TV wasn't scraping the bottom of the barrel these days. But what if, once you'd scraped right through the morass of Kardashians, motorbike repairmen and Jersey folk clinging to said barrel's grimy base and bashed right through to the other side, there was a concept for a show so ridiculous that it ends up being awesome? Friends, welcome to American Hoggers

Centering around the Campbell family, the I-can't-believe-this-exists-but-I'm-really-glad-it-does show follows the gang as they attempt to round up every stray wild boar in the surrounding countryside. Sounds easy, huh? Nope. Wild boar are vicious, weird beasts (we may have mentioned before how gross pigs are, and these are extra-large pigs with tusks, which is kind of like giving an angry drunk wrestler a pair of broadswoards), and they're causing millions of dollars in damage to local farms each year. While leader of the clan Jerry is a lifelong hog-hunter, his family are keen to turn his profession into a family business, so, as you can imagine, things get kinda heated now and again. Also - they spend their days hunting wild boar, which is just hilarious. 

The show premieres tonight at 10pm on A&E - we'll be tuning in with a bacon sandwich and a lasso on standby.