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Bacon, Booze, and Other Delicious Gifts For Your Belly

Because your belly needs gifts too! Stock up on these yummy wonders for yourself or the foodie in your life.

Bulleit Bourbon Ten Year, $45

This beautiful bourbon is founder Tom Bulleit’s selected reserve. Rich, smooth, and full, this sipping whiskey has notes of vanilla, fruit, and smoke from the charred American white oak barrels. It’s a must-have for your favorite bourbon drinker, or the bourbon newbie in your life. Fun fact we may or may not have just made up: Another name for a bourbon newbie is “bewbie."
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Brewmeister Snake Venom: The World’s Strongest Beer, $22.50

Stronger than most liquors we drink, this ass-kicker of a brew is peaty and made with Champagne and beer yeast. If you know someone who likes to be efficient when it comes to debauchery, has no fear, and hates the taste of liquor but loves beer, this is the perfect gift. Straight out of Scotland, this stuff comes with a warning label, so…consider yourself warned.
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Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale, $17

From early November to January, this one-of-a-kind seasonal ale is available for beer fans, and then, it’s gone forever. Since 1975, Anchor has brewed a recipe only to be drunk in the moment and to live on in your holiday memories (along with the taste of Christmas cookies and the feeling of disappointment when you realize you got girl socks). But the best thing about this sudsy delight? It comes in a 51 oz. magnum-size bottle! So maybe you won’t remember it, after all…
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Whisky Advent Calendar, $242

It feels like Christmas every day with this awesome gift. Twenty-four different 3cl samples of delicious whisky fill this magical box. Fill your mouth hole with flavors like Aromatic Rich Oak, Caramelized Fruit, and Faint Gingerbread from December 1st to the 24th. Or just crack ‘em all open on Jesus’ birthday! Your call. Thanks, Jesus!
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All The Bacon And Eggs Poster, $13.50

Hang a shrine to Ron Swanson, bacon and eggs, and Nintendo all at once with this glorious poster that celebrates the best things in life. You can also get it as a T-shirt, iPhone/iPod/iPad case, or as a card. Let your love of Parks & Rec be your guide to how many places you need this in your life.
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Bacon Frosting, $6

Skip chocolate, vanilla, and funfetti on your next big dessert and focus in on the flavor you really want! This bacon frosting is perfect to layer atop pastries, cookies, and cakes! Mmmm…red, savory, salty, and sweet – our favorite food groups!
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Prohibition Bakery’s Boozy Cupcakes, $20 for 12 cupcakes

Just when New York thought it had everything, two lovely ladies opened the city’s first “Boozy cupcakery” on the Lower East Side. And lucky for you, they’ll ship these puppies anywhere in the contiguous United States, which means that most of America can experience delightful treats like the Hot Buttered Rum (brown butter, spiced rum, brown sugar), Pretzels & Beer (Bass ale, Nutella, pretzels), or Dark & Stormy (Gosling’s rum, ginger beer, lime) – all in cupcake form. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between liver disease and diabetes when you can have both at the same time.
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Oscar Mayer Bacon Box, $22-28

If you know there’s no other perfect gift for your bacon-loving bro besides bacon itself, then Oscar Mayer has just the present. These climate-controlled boxes are full of tasty strips of bacon and come in three different sets: The Commander (bacon and stainless steel money clip engraved with the phrase “Bringin’ it Home’), The Matador (bacon and bacon strip cufflinks), and The Woodsman (bacon and a 12-function multitool with bacon carved in the handle). So no matter what kind of friend you have, Oscar Mayer’s obviously got it covered.
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Candy Bacon Lollipops, $12 for 6

These savory and sweet lollies come in maple, honey, and barbecue and are hand-poured on to old-fashioned wooden sticks. They make great party favors, man cave décor, and snacks (duh!). We’re not sure how great they are for your breath, but who cares? It’s bacon, and therefore worth it.
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Italian Cheesemaking Kit, $25

This kit has everything you need to make mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and ricotta salata. Just add milk with cultures and rennet, and you will wonder why you never went into the cheese-making biz to begin with. Give this to your cheesiest friend. Ha!
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Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower, $250

If someone in your life is a coffee junkie, this is the ultimate splurge-y gift for him. The strange but beautiful coffee brewer makes high-quality, potent cold brew coffee. The process takes eight hours and makes 32 ounces of smooth, minimally acidic coffee. It’s a fun conversation piece and a cool way to look super science-y at home.
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Mantry Subscription, $75 a month

Being a man ain’t easy. You gotta shave, pay bills, act tough, shower, feed yourself daily… sigh. Ugh, why is life so hard? Why? WHY!? Tell us! ...aaand we’re back. Anyway, feeding yourself is way easier thanks to Mantry, the food-of-the-month club subscription that brings you American artisanal foods from all over the country, such as barbecue sauce from Alabama, bison from Montana, and syrup from Alaska. Wow, being a man just got a whole lot easier. Or at least more appetizing.
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Bar10der, $40

If the quirky, mathy name of this product doesn’t get ya, then maybe its cool Swiss Army-like features will! Ten different bar accessories are all incorporated into this compact tool to help you make the best cocktails of your life. Our favorite attachments, based strictly on their names, are: muddler, reamer, jigger, and zester. We don’t know what a reamer is, but it doesn’t sound safe, so be careful with this thang!
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Maker’s Mark Hi Ball Glass, $7.95

For the Maker’s lover in your life, this glass has the classic red wax and logo printed on it, and is perfect for tasting, shooting, and sipping that sweet, spicy, and classic Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky. Perfect for stuffing stockings, if you’re into that sort of thing.
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The Professional Microbrewery, $45,000

Homebrew in style with this automated brewing system that’s good enough for a pro brewery and compact enough for your house. This system can produce a hefeweizen, stout, and a lager with a touch-screen computer. Complete with liquor tank, boil kettle, fermentation tank, and mash tun, this brewery has everything you need to become the hop master you always wanted to be! 
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Edible NFL Pizza Prints, $35 

With the playoffs in sight, you need to upgrade your football viewing party, and we have just the thing to do it:'s edible NFL football helmet decals slapped front and center on your delicious cheesy circle of heaven! Perfect for gearing up for the Super Bowl or just life in general, this is the way to have your team live on inside you forever…or at least until you use the bathroom three days from now.
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Cousins Maine Lobster, $45-80

Is there anything better than sitting down and sinking your teeth into a lobster tail? Yes - getting delivered a delicious and fresh lobster from Maine in the mail! Can you see it now? Lobster rolls, tacos, and mac and cheese, without having to fight the crowds at the grocery store…or the sea! Argh!
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