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<a href="" target="new"><b>Schwinn Panther Bicycle</b></a> -


We’re not ones to indulge in needless hyperbole over here at the world’s greatest men’s magazine, but even we feel the urge to run naked into the street screaming about the greatness of this sweet-ass cruiser. It’s got an aluminum alloy frame, seven gears and even has a cup holder! Also, it’s literally the most awesome-looking bike we’ve ever seen (made even more awesome by the under $400 price tag).

<a href="" target="new">Seaglass Project Surfboard</a>-


If this surfboard looks odd at first glance, it’s because it’s been radically re-designed to be faster and more efficient. Basically, they took off the fins (less drag = more speed, right?) which allowed them to alter the traditional shape significantly. End result: a much cooler looking board for dads and grads to pose with (hint: it helps to stand near a large body of water.

<a href="" target="new">Signature Car Collection</a>-

$400 – 1,850 per day

You know what Dad really wants for Father’s day? To forget he’s a Dad. The best way to do it? Let him push fifth gear in a Ferrari. Beemers, Benz’s, Bentleys: SCC Exotics has them all available to rent nationwide by the day, weekend, week or longer for fee. We recommend the Aston Martin DB9. Nothing screams, “How did I end up a dad? I only asked for a blowjob damn it!” louder than rocking out in James Bond’s ride.

<a href="" target="new">Russell’s Reserve Bourbon</a>-


Created by the masterminds at Wild Turkey (and named for legendary master distiller Jimmy Russell), this 10-year old, small-batch bourbon is fantastic for sipping - and even better for gulping. Give this to someone who you know for a fact will invite you to help them drink it (and then pay for your cab home). Bonus feel good factor: throughout June, a portion of the profits will be going towards Operation Once In A Lifetime, which, among other helpful acts to servicemen and women, helps pay for them to visit their families. You know, on, say, Father’s Day.

<a href="" target="new">Ion iCade Mini-Arcade</a>-


Now that Junior’s graduated, he can finally drop the pretense that his iPad is a learning device and cut straight to the good stuff: games! Slide an iPad into this mini-arcade cabinet, fire up Atari’s Greatest Hits, and try to forget that you’re now supposed to be a productive member of society. Just remember, unless you work at Maxim, adding your Missile Command skills on your resume is not recommended.

<a href="" target="new">Camacho Cigars</a>- $274

Short of an all-expenses paid trip to a zero-G topless theme park on Venus (seriously NASA, what the hell’s taking so long?), there are few better ways to celebrate your dads and grads than with a big fat cigar. Camacho’s 10th Anniversary collection is one of our absolute favorites: they’re robust, full-bodied and have a draw smoother than Billy the Kid. In short: they’re guaranteed to improve your day (unless you’ve just been diagnosed with asthma, obviously).

<a href="" target="new">Klipsch Image S5i Rugged Headphones</a>- $130

Those crappy white ear buds might’ve sufficed on campus, but the real world requires durability and quality. Lead your dad or grad to a higher level of auditory nirvana with these noise-cancelling, water-resistant Klipsch ear buds - ideal for a weekly commuter, weekend warrior or just folks who find themselves tangled up all the time (thank you very much, tangle-resistant cables). In-line mic and oversized iPod controls makes taking calls or skipping songs a breeze, even if you’re wearing all your gear. And remember: we don’t care how emotional you get over The Bodyguard soundtrack, icing up the half pipe with tears is a party foul 100% of the time.

<a href="" target="new">Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum</a>- $300

It’s not often that you find a gift that both sucks and yet makes men happy (get your minds out of the gutter, people). The newest Dyson vacuum takes the best of the uprights and handheld vacuums and combines it into one sleek package. The patented Dyson digital motor gets jammed into the smallest form factor yet, making for easy storage in dad’s closet or grad’s first closet-sized apartment. Bonus: the Digital Slim doubles as the perfect accessory to any Ghostbusters Halloween costume, and will scare your cat three times faster than any vacuum on the market...according to our in-house scientists. Who are usually drunk. And really hate cats.

<a href="" target="new">Zippo Watch</a>- $199

We’ve yet to meet the man who doesn’t like a Zippo, but it’s not always appropriate to be carrying a lighter with you (just ask the TSA). Now, however, you can wear the Zippo brand on your wrist with their new range of watches, including this elegant stainless steel beast. Now they just need to make one with a built-in lighter and we’ll be happy forever…or, ok, maybe not.

<a href="" target="new">iBike Dash Cyclometer</a>- $199

Want to keep track of your cycling stats? This simple kit mind melds with the iPhone to monitor your speed, route, and distance. The iBike Dash cyclometer uses ingeniously placed magnets on your wheel and axle, then wirelessly beams your biking stats to your iPhone, held secure on the included handlebar mount. The iBike App makes use of your iPhone’s built-in GPS to track where you’ve gone and where you’re going, and will even email the stats to dad’s cardiologist. Suck on that, Dr. Lipschitz.

<a href="" target="new">Cole Haan Varick Zip Top Brief</a>- $298.00

A backpack might have been acceptable in college but after, it's just an excuse for the TSA to search your bag for weed. Class up your travel gear with this leather and cotton jute messenger bag, durable enough to withstand the most disgruntled baggage handler and a big step up from the hobo bundle you normally carry around. The detachable, padded laptop sleeve safely transports your Macbook or approximately eight issues of Maxim magazine. We know from experience.

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