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Gifts for Big Kids

Just because you’ve reached an age where you can legally vote, drink, and be in charge of a motor vehicle (not all at the same time, ideally) doesn’t mean you’re too old to play with toys. Here are some of the coolest we’ve seen this year.

Star Wars: The Black Series Boba Fett, $35.99

One of several figures in the latest range, which brings your toys up to the size of standard collectible action figures, rather than the traditional smaller Star Wars sculpts. Among the collection so far are Han Solo, Slave Leia, X-wing pilot Luke Skywalker, Sand Troopers, and more, but let’s be honest, the first one you’re gonna want to get is Boba Fett, if only so you can shove him into your dog’s mouth while pretending it’s the Sarlacc.

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