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Gifts for Your Dad

Dear old Dad has put up with so much – your lack of respect for his perfectly-manicured lawn, never “turning down that garbage you call music,” the self-indulgent three years that you passed off as “finding yourself” – so this year show him you really care with these thoughtful gifts. But no matter what, never admit to being the one who scratched his Camry in 1992.

SKLZ Rapid Fire, $110

If you are anything like our Chief Content Officer Dan Bova, you enjoy zoning out while shooting hoops in your driveway. Also, if you’re anything like him, you royally suck and the ball is constantly smashing into your house or bouncing into your neighbor’s yard or squashing your wife’s flowers or pets. And don’t get him started about all that bending over to pick up the stupid ball. Why do this anyway?? HOW IS THIS FUN?! Stop yelling for a second and get to know the SKLZ Rapid Fire ball return system. This super-easy-to-install net hooks onto your standard backboard, and delivers most balls (and bricks) straight back to you, the shooter. It’s almost like a full-sized Pop-a-Shot, only there isn’t a pack of sauced college guys behind you screaming, “Hurry the fuck up so we can play, old man!”
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