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Gifts for Your Geeky Roommate

Got a roommate who won’t let you near the TV when Doctor Who is on? Or a buddy who gets so excited telling you about the latest Batman comic, he almost chokes on his Star Wars-themed breakfast cereal? Then this is the gift guide you need…

The Sandman Omnibus, $150 for Volumes 1 & 2

The chances of your geeky roommate not loving Neil Gaiman – and specifically his epic, sprawling classic fantasy series, Sandman – are about as high as the odds of him not smelling of Mountain Dew and pizza rolls. Silly nerd stereotypes aside, this is a beautiful, hardcover collection of maybe the most respected comic book series of all time, and it deserves a place on your friend’s bookshelf – right next to his chess trophies and his signed photos of Nichelle Nichols. And if you really, really love him, you could always splurge on this $500 deluxe version, with silver-gilded pages and an autograph from Gaiman himself. But no one loves their roommate that much, right...?

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