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Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Shopping for your significant other can be worse than having to spend the holidays with her family. Luckily, we’re here to save the day, and make at least one of those things easier. You’re welcome, loverboy.

Fashion Books Coffee Table Set, $150

No matter how much you may loathe it, the ladies loooove da fashuns. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank on a pair of Louboutins for your girl (this year) - instead, give her this coffee table book set full of gorgeous (we guess…?) images of clothing and stuffs to show her you care about her hauteness.
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RAD Emergency Bra, $49.99

Protect your girl’s rack, lungs, and life with this red RAD Emergency bra. The bra comes with two respiratory face masks (the cups) and a radiation sensor insert in the middle. The sensor uses radiation technology to detect harmful gases and airborne particles so your lady doesn’t get carbon monoxide poisoning…or worse. She can also use this to protect herself from your harmful gases, if you smell our drift. The best part about the RAD? She’s got to take it off to use it! Who knew lingerie could be so life-saving?!
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Gaiam Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat, $69.98

Hot yoga gets really sweaty, for obvious reasons. Show your sexy yogi that you care with this mat that will keep her poses and postures intact no matter how intense the class gets. The top coat of the mat wicks away moisture and seals out germs and odors with its closed-cell material. In addition, the mat provides better grip as her body temperature rises. Oh, so many dirty jokes flowing through our grimy brains right now…
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Nintendo 2DS, $129.99


If your Princess Peach is as into gaming as you are, she’ll love the Nintendo 2DS, a completely portable, purse-friendly gaming system. In each box, you’ll get the 2DS, a 2DS stylus, SDHC Card, a 3DS AC adapter, and AR cards. Choose from a red or blue outer shell and soft cover, and she’s all set to play Mario Party, Kirby’s Adventure, Donkey Kong, and more!
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Komono Renee-Black Rubber Series Sunglasses, $79.95

Keep the sun out of her eyes with these sunglasses, made with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. The shades are scratch-resistant and come with moldable temples, a cleaning cloth, and a hard case. They’re so hot she’ll want to wear them at night! “DON’T SWITCH THE BLAAA—" …sorry.
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Samsung WB250F Digital Camera, $147

Long, long ago, people used cameras, not phones, to take their photos. We’re going back to the good ol’ days while riding into the future with the Samsung WB250F, the camera that connects to Wi-Fi networks for easy sharing, and automatically backs up your photos for when you’re a dum-dum. Take close-up shots and amazing landscapes with the 24mm lens and 18x zoom. But that’s not even the best part: It comes in four colors, which your GF will appreciate.
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Sharkini, $80

Shark Week lasts all year with this badass bathing suit. The monokini cuts out in the midriff area to look like a big grey sea beast is taking a bite out of your sexy girlfriend. Need we say more?
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Chloe + Isabel Ring and Bracelet, $48 and $35

Maybe you’re not ready to put a diamond ring on it, but why not a hedgehog ring? This nickel-free pave critter is whimsical and less gross and prickly than the real thing. Win-win all-around. If she’s not into sparkly woodland creatures (gasp!), then maybe the “Hand In Hand” sterling silver bracelet is more up your lady’s alley. This simple piece is representative of your relationship and holding hands... just trust us on this one.  
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Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, $81

Skip going out for froyo and ice cream during the frigid months, and make cold treats from the comfort of your own kitchen, with this amazing soft serve maker from Cuisinart. You don’t need ice, chemicals, or salt to make the ice cream—just pour in your ingredients (get recipes here), give it 20 minutes, and you have ice cream! Magic.
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zChocolat, $70-520

These gorgeous French chocolates are pure, elegant, and simple. Made with 100% cocoa, low sugar, no alcohol, and zero preservatives, these little babies are a confectionery wonder. Your girlfriend will feel like she’s living in the lap of luxury with each bite of these fine, world-renowned chocolates. P.S.: Don’t expect her to share.
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Kenneth Cole Diamond Rock Out Watch, $83

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but chances are your girlfriend has heard that menswear-inspired watches are sooo hot right now. So trade in her dainty bracelet timepiece for this bold, stainless steel rose gold watch from the Kenneth Cole Diamond Rock Out collection. Durable mineral crystal keeps the watch protected from scratches, and pyramid stud accents make it modern and sexy.  Yup, who knew time could turn us on so much?
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