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Gifts for Your Mom

She gave you life; the least you can do is buy her a smelly candle, or one of these other Maxim-tested, mother-approved gifts this holiday season.

Balls Lounger, $7,950

Technically this is Animi Causa’s Feel Seating System Deluxe – and that’s what you should call it when you give it to your mom – but that’s a lot less fun than “The Balls Lounger,” so we’re sticking with that. Versatile as can be, it’s essentially a couch-chair-hybrid-thingy comprised of 120 “soft and extremely pleasant balls” (which, incidentally, was our nickname in college). Made of foam and upholstered in fabric, the balls shift and adapt as you move, guaranteeing maximum comfort and support. It’s large enough to seat several people, but if your mom is getting comfy on a bunch of balls, at least two of them better be your dad’s.
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