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Gifts for Your Mom

She gave you life; the least you can do is buy her a smelly candle, or one of these other Maxim-tested, mother-approved gifts this holiday season.

Balls Lounger, $7,950

Technically this is Animi Causa’s Feel Seating System Deluxe – and that’s what you should call it when you give it to your mom – but that’s a lot less fun than “The Balls Lounger,” so we’re sticking with that. Versatile as can be, it’s essentially a couch-chair-hybrid-thingy comprised of 120 “soft and extremely pleasant balls” (which, incidentally, was our nickname in college). Made of foam and upholstered in fabric, the balls shift and adapt as you move, guaranteeing maximum comfort and support. It’s large enough to seat several people, but if your mom is getting comfy on a bunch of balls, at least two of them better be your dad’s.
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Soma Water Filter, $49

Brita water filters are for suckers. This sleek and sustainable number from Soma represents the next level in water purification. Housed in a decanter-quality glass carafe that’s more than easy on the eyes, each filter is 100 percent biodegradable, and for just $12.99, a fresh one will be delivered to your mom every two months – and not the kind of “fresh one” she’s been threatening to deliver to you for 25 years.
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Savora Bar Tools, $9.99 - $29.99

Just because you can open a beer with a lighter (and/or your teeth) doesn’t mean your mom should have to. These high-end corkscrews (including waiter’s, winged, and self-pulling), pourers, and bottle stoppers from kitchen accessories-maker Savora are heavy on both form and function, which is a fancy way of saying that they look as good as they work. And seeing as it’s your failures in life that have led her to drink in the first place, they make an especially thoughtful holiday gift.

Available at Bloomingdale’s

Bliss “Let It Glow” Spa Pack, $75

This four-piece gift set from the high-end beauty brand features its Fabulous foaming face wash, triple oxygen instant energizing mask, energizing facial cream, and Fabulips softening lip balm. We don't know what any of that actually means, but our girlfriends swear that our moms will love it. Because it’s spa-tacular! (See what we did there? We’re brilliant.)
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NanoHiFi Speaker, $349.99 - $479

This compact, yet highly sophisticated sound system is svelte as all hell, and offers all the features you’d expect from a modern audio system (Bluetooth, USB, iPod/iPhone dock), plus a few things even your mom will understand, like a CD slot and radio. Portability is a cinch thanks to detachable speakers and a functional hand-strap, although unless your mom is the secret fourth member of Run-DMC, walking around with a stereo strapped to her wrist – even one this tasteful – is not to be encouraged.
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All-Clad Cookware, Prices vary

While we’d never recommend gifting kitchen supplies to your wife or girlfriend, giving them to your mother is totally acceptable. We’re partial to the new ceramic 4-quart slow-cooker, immersion blender, and classic waffle-maker, but any of the items from All-Clad’s latest collection of state-of-the-art cookware will be a big hit with kitchen-savvy moms. And if your mom is more Peg Bundy than June Cleaver, at least everyone will have a good laugh when they see what you got her.
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Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, $79.99

Not to be confused with the herb you tried growing under your bed in college, Click and Grow’s Smart Herb Garden allows you to grow your own basil, thyme, or lemon balm, with little to no effort or oversight (much like the approach your parents to took to raising you). Each unit comes with a pre-loaded planter cartridge; simply plug it in, add water to the outer containment bay, and wait for the magic to happen. The device will release the exact amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients that the plants need to thrive, and an indicator light will let you know when it’s time to add more water (which is very infrequently). Sprouts begin to appear in just a week or two, and additional planter options are expected to be rolled out soon.
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Sony Vaio Tap 11 Tablet PC, Starting at $799

Intel and Sony prove to be the ultimate power couple with their latest tablet/PC hybrid, which offers maximum portability and performance thanks to a super-thin wireless keyboard and stylus that transform it into a fully operational laptop. At only .39” thick, the Tap 11 is the world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet, and, with its Intel Core Processor, it is also one of the most powerful. The insanely slim magnetic keyboard attaches to the display to both charge itself and double as a protective screen cover – just one of the thoughtful and innovative design elements that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about the clunky PCs of yesteryear. Did we mention the built-in SD card slot, micro HDMI port, and Intel Wi-Di (wireless display) technology, allowing you to stream from the laptop to your TV? Of course, when you give it to your mom, you can just go ahead and explain that it’s a new “email machine.”

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MoMA Bilbao Rock Bag, $595

Here’s a little inside secret: Everyone will think you are smart and cultured if you do your holiday shopping at a museum store. It’s kind of like giving people books, except that they won’t hate you. Designed by Issey Miyake, the Bilbao Rock Bag from MoMA (which is the Museum of Modern Art, if anyone should ask) is made using a series of pliable triangular shapes that form a pattern. And the only thing moms love more than regular tote bags is expensive tote bags tote bags with clever patterns, amirite?
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Calypso Candles, $45 each

After sharing a bathroom with you for 18 years (25 years? 30? Deadbeat...), your mom is a bona fide expert on the importance of fragrant candles. These bold but never overpowering Calypso candles come in scents like vanilla, gardenia, and lavender, and are beautifully presented in a box with a ribbon, so – bonus! – you won’t have to spend two hours trying to figure out how wrapping paper works.
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Marc Jacobs 461/S Sunglasses, $340

These Marc Jacobs joints (pictured) are our favorites, but head over to Solstice Sunglasses to peruse a staggering array of designer shades from brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, and Prada. For those on a budget, a plethora of options under $100 are also available. Whichever ones you choose, be sure to tell your mother she looks like a young Jackie O when she tries them on. Older women love that stuff.

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