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Gifts for Your Sister

Cocomia Twig Jewelry Stand, $38 (small) / $50 (large)

Shopping for girls is hard enough, but shopping for a girl with whom you share DNA is the absolute worst. What does she like? What does she want? Why do your parents like her more than you? So many questions. But while you might not understand your sister’s style, you can give her a gift that says, “Even though I don’t agree with all that weird jewelry, you still deserve a place to put it.” Enter Roost’s twig jewelry stand, an elegant and affordable way to organize and display all her jewelry. Available in two sizes, both with a removable middle “branch,” it’s made from cast brass with a bronze finish, but designed to look like, well, twigs – or “faux bois,” if you want to be a jerk about it. Your call, bro.

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