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Gold War

As the countdown to Father's Day continues, and in conjunction with our Dads and Grads Gift Guide, we're pulling out some last minute options.

If your 40s and 50s are still far in the future, chances are you didn't play with toy soldiers. But your dad's ancient dude! These little militant figurines were big for kids in the 1930s, when a brand called Beton produced the first plastic infantry in America. They didn't have Playstation back in the day, and kids had to use something called an imagination to occupy themselves. Weird. When these hit the market 80 years ago they were the front line in play time. Literally. Your pops probably remembers them well, but he never had these.

This is a set of 5 limited edition individually hand crafted soldiers and environmental props cast in 24karat gold.

Padre's privates got pimped.

Available exclusively at Partners and Spade, $500,