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Homemade Gifts for Your Weird Aunt

Nothing says, “You’re kinda weird, Aunt Marcy, but I love you anyways” like some homemade gifts. Get ready for some cheek-pinching.

Scrabble Coasters, $20

Instead of judging your aunt for being a wino, embrace her questionable behavior with these handmade scrabble coasters, complete with alcohol-related words. If you’re feeling extra creative - or you know, like a cheap bastard - you can make some of your own from an old game set. Buy some gorilla glue and you should be on your way - just don’t accidentally glue your fingers to your scrotum because that hurts. Um, probably.
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Uncooked Greeting Cards, $2.50

You know the holidays have really arrived when you get a passive aggressive greeting card, and Uncooked offers some of the funniest. Choose from graphic cards with digs like, “This probably isn’t going to happen considering your family, but we hope you have a wonderful joyous holiday season,” and, “Nothing makes us happier than to watch people share in the holiday spirit. Actually, that’s not true.” Perfect for the aunt that hates your side of the family, but still feels obliged to send you a thank you card. 
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DIY Giant Jenga Set

If you want to show off your carpentry skills, but don’t actually have any carpentry skills, make your aunt a giant Jenga set. You know what’s easy to make? A wooden rectangle. You know what’s only marginally harder to make? Multiple wooden rectangles. On the downside, the postage is going to be a bitch. 
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DIY Graphic Soaps

This gift idea combines two of our favorite things: Smelling good and pinching pennies. With a short shopping list of glycerin, an empty milk carton, essential oils, and creative paper designs, you’ll have a homemade gift even Martha Stewart would be jealous of. Now there’s a real feat!
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DIY Sharpie Mugs

Coffee is the key to everyone’s heart, and this DIY coffee mug project is the easiest way to stay there for good. Since you probably already have the necessary items lying around your house (a coffee mug, a sharpie, and a working stove), you just need a creative sentence idea and you’re good to go. We heard “I love cats” does wonders with crazy aunts.
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Christmas Bathtime Favorites, $89.95

Eco-friendly company Lush is releasing a tin full of its best bath bombs, bubble bars, and luxury bath melts - or in other words, that stuff that gets you clean in unnecessarily complicated ways - this holiday season. Designed to look like snowmen, gingerbread houses, and other holiday symbols, this gift set will get you some major points with the family, because really, who doesn’t love a good bubble bath, you guys? Uh…we mean, beer and bacon. BEER AND BACON. 
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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Prop Replica Kit, $82.90

Bring Games of Thrones home with this dragon egg prop kit, complete with one unpainted egg for the painter to do whatever they want with! Just think, by buying this for your aunt, you’re one step closer to Daenerys and her glorious dragon blood. Sweet.
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Marilyn Monroe Keepsake Ornament, $17.95

When we got our first novelty Christmas ornament, it was the best day of our childhood. Unfortunately, weird aunts never leave that phase, so make her happy with this Marilyn Monroe Hallmark Keepsake Ornament from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Prepare yourself for a few drunken sing-a-longs after opening (nothing you haven’t seen before, we’re sure).
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Cicada Casing Necklace, $45

Cicadas swarmed the Eastern Seaboard this past summer, and thanks to this handmade Cicada molt necklace, you‘ll never forget how disgusting it was. While you’d think most people wouldn’t be too keen on having a dead bug hanging around their neck, we’re pretty positive your quirky aunt’s gonna love it. 
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Mini Nut Stack Rings, $42 each

Fix up your aunt’s emotional loose screws with these shiny bolt stack rings. Described as being homemade with “love and laughs,” the jewelry comes in yellow, rose, black, or white gold plating, and are considered way cheaper than either cats or therapy. Perfect!
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