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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLA- 1. The “PlayStation phone” re- creates all of Sony’s buttons, including two touch pads mimicking the DualShock joysticks. No more excuses, n00b!

2. Boasts an Adreno GPU processor that delivers 60 fps. Translation: Graphics are smoother than Billy Dee Williams.

3. This Gingerbread-powered Android func­- tions as a wi-fi hot spot. $TBA,

LG Thrill- 1. This dual-lens camera records 3D at 720p resolution. Or dial down to 2D for 1080p HD. Film some Na’vi ponytail sex today!

2. No glasses required! Watch in 3D sans specs on the smartphone’s vivid 4.3-inch LCD. Or…

3. Go bigger! The HDMI out lets you connect this 5.9-ouncer to a TV. If the set’s 3D-ready, your images will show in true 3D. Enjoy that Na’vi ponytail sex! $TBA,

HTC 7 Surround - 1. Watching movies should not be a contact sport, which is why this 5.82 oz. phone’s fold-out kick­- stand rules.

2. Its slide-out speaker cranks Dolby-certified sound plus SRS WOW surround. Less talk, much more rock!

3. Take a break from playing Xbox Live on this Windows 7 device and shoot video—the camera captures footage in mega-crisp HD! $199 (with two-year subscription to AT&T),

Kyocera Echo - 1. With two hinged 3.5-inch dis­- plays, it converts into a tablet. Great for reading (yawn). Ideal for playoff watching (wings not included).

2. Split the screens and rock Face­- book and YouTube simul­- taneously. Or sync ’em so you’re e- mailing with a full-screen keyboard.

3. Wi-fi hot-spot function connects up to five devices. Friendly! $200 (with two-year contract),

Motorola ATRIX 4G- 1. This two-fer becomes a computer—plug it into the Lap­- dock with a built-in key­- board and an 11.6-inch display

2. The dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor (and 1 GB of RAM) makes other mini-laptops seem like sloths.

3. What’s cooler than using two 5 MP cameras to video-chat with your girlfriend? Using ’em with someone else’s girlfriend. $130 with two-year contract, $500 with Lapdock

Sonim XP3300 Force- 1. Hey, Happy Hour Harry! Its rubber- and-fiberglass shell meets the Army’s certi­- fication for resisting salt, fog, humidity, and travel-induced shock.

2. Its 0.6-inch-thick Gorilla Glass tolerates 6½-foot drops on concrete. Kick it around town for fun!

3. Forget flashlight apps—this has an actual LED mini-torch. Liquid friggin’ nitrogen. $499 (unlocked, carrier subscrip­- tions TBA),

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