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Taylormade R1 Black Driver-

Just because your game (or your body) isn't flexible, doesn't mean that your club can't be. With the Taylormade R1 Black Driver, you can tweak the angle of your club face as well as a weight inside the head in order to change your shot shape and compensate for that mean hook. The only question is, what are you going to do with all the balls that you don't lose in the rough anymore? ($300)

RBZ Stage 2 Rescue-

Call it a hybrid, call it utility, or take it from TaylorMade and call it a rescue, just don't get stranded in the middle of a par 5 fairway without it. The RBZ Stage 2 Rescue saves you with a shallow and fast face that scoops up your poor tee shot and places you right where you need to be: that much closer to beers in the clubhouse. ($159.99)

Adizero Stand Bag -

Golf's a sweaty game already, there's no reason to have your bag work against (considering the clubs inside of it already do). For the walkers, the Adizero Stand Bag features ventilated shoulder and hip pads and weighs a breezy 3.8 pounds. If you prefer a cart (and who doesn't?) the base won't give you any problems and the insulated "water bottle" pocket will keep your "water bottle" warm. ($159.99)

Odyssey Tank 7 -

When you putt poorly with an Odyssey putter, really it isn’t the putter, it’s you. Their team of mad scientists has everything weighted and aligned so that if you don’t do anything crazy, the clubhead will do the work and deliver the ball on line. The Tank #7 is a counterbalanced putter, so when the top goes one way the bottom can’t help but go the other. Which means the Tank practically strokes itself. Wait, that didn’t sound right. ($199)

Mizuno JPX-825 Irons-

We've told you about the Mizuno JPX-825 irons before, but we just can't get them out of our head. We usually turn sour on a set of irons after a bad round (you know, all of them), but they aren't lying when they claim that these are the most forgiving irons ever. With a sweet spot bigger than a Flo/J.Lo joint, our generous "bogeys" have turned into "pars" and even "birdies." ($700)

Allen-Edmonds Muirfield Village shoes -

We’ve spent a lot of dough trying to make our golf kicks stand out from the stodgy, stuffy things the other guys were wearing. Shoes that look like sneakers, on-course, off-course kicks; golf sandals; ultra-lightweight aerodynamic numbers. And we love them. But everybody else started doing the same thing. So we doubled back and picked up these well-constructed classic-style saddle shoes. The vintage look is complemented by all the modern footwear technology for comfort and performance. Pick up a pair and look British Open traditional. ($195)

Oakley Polarized Half Jacket 2.0 XL-

Why settle for merely cool-looking, high-quality shades on the golf course when Oakley has sunglasses that can enhance your game. The G30 Iridium lenses balance light transmission so you have better depth perception and can track your ball through the air better. They can even help you distinguish fine contours of the greens. ($180)

Nike Bold Strip Polo and Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket-

British Open conditions are nothing if not changeable. Don’t worry, Nike has you covered next time you play at Muirfield…or your windy old muni. When the clouds break and the sun bakes, their Dri-FIT fabric polos will wick away the sweat and stay dry and comfy. When the wind blows and the rain comes, the lightweight Hyperadapt jacket will provide you with maximum protection against the elements without hindering that big Rory-like swing you’ve been cultivating. (Jacket, $240; shirt, $70)

Nike 20XI RZN Balls -

Just like your Mom and your very attractive kindergarten teacher Ms. Cooper always said, you are a unique snowflake of a person. Well, with the Nike 20XI RZN Balls you can flaunt that. On just surf over to the Nike ball recommender, tell them a little about your game, and you'll come away with the perfect little guys for your game. Just as perfect as all those finger paintings you did to profess your love for Ms. Cooper. ($16-$46)

Tight Lies 16-Degree Fairway Wood-

We’re big enough to admit it: We lost all confidence in our fairway woods. Skulled them or crossed ’em over. Nearly gave up on the damn things. But the new Adams Tight Lies has come to the rescue. This 16° club is like the old-school 4-wood in loft and shape. The modern tech includes a tri-level sole to smooth the clubhead’s path through the fairway, and “velocity slots” to trampoline the ball off the face. The result: it’s easier to hit square and get up in the air. ($199)

GRID Foam Roller -

We never tee off without getting an invigorating deep-tissue massage first. But for recreational golfers not as well-heeled as us magazine hacks, here’s the next best thing. Roll your tight, lethargic golf muscles — back, pecs, quads, calves, glutes — on the Trigger Point Grid. Its firm three-dimensional surface will loosen up and relax your muscles, which can make your swing more fluid and prevent injuries. ($40)

Tin Cup Ball Marker -

You know what sucks? When you outdrive your brother by 10 yards, but you’re both playing the same ball and he insists he hit the long one. Put an end to that with Tin Cup’s customizing stenciling system. They have 130 different designs. In honor of the Open, why not try out the Scottish flag or the Union Jack? (By the way, USGA Rule 12-2 requires a player to be able to clearly identify his ball. So you’ll be in accordance with the rules of golf.) ($20)

The Midsummer Guide to Golf Gear