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We take the smoldering actress out for a hot night on the town.

Do we have to make the first move?
I like to have a bit of control, so I don’t mind approaching guys first. Plus, men are so easy! You just go up and say hi and it works.

What type of guy would you pick out?
I’m looking for a freakin’ man! These L.A. guys are too pretty. They’re fixing their brows and waxing—just stop. I get that you want to look nice, but please don’t shave the balls.

Understood! Where can we take you?
A nice dinner at a vegetarian place.

So we’ll skip the camping trip idea.
Actually, if a guy pulled up in a station wagon with the trunk already packed, I would crack up! The more humor and originality you bring to a date, the better. And I love getting a little dirty.

Your worst date ever?
Once I thought I was just having dinner with a friend, but he brought out a nice bottle of wine and asked to get it decanted. I was like, “I’m going to shoot myself.” Then he took me mini-golfing and did that thing where he stood behind me to show me how to swing. It was so cheesy and awkward.

Do we get a kiss at the end of the night?
Totally. If the chemistry’s there, why not? If I don’t get one, I’m still OK with going home and thinking about it…The wait just makes you that much more excited for the second date.


Birth date: September 11, 1984

Hometown: Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Current Role: Catch her as Roachella in the Web series.

Go-to Drink: “A tequila gimlet, but I should probably say potato vodka!"

Last Meal: “An In-N-Out grilled cheese and a giant cream puff.”

Hollywood Crush: Paul Walker. “I’m hoping there’s a Fast & Furious 6. He needs a blonde girlfriend!”

Secret Talents: “Probably none that I can share with you…besides gardening.”

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