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She may portray a wide-eyed, Bible-thumping rookie in CBS’s new murder-mystery drama The Mentalist, but the stunning Amanda Righetti is by no means a TV novice. With roles in The O.C., North Shore, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Entourage, she has definitely been lighting up your flat-screen. But if you want to get to know the fox behind the face, listen in as Amanda reveals her significant firsts.

First Crime
“I did some pretty bad things as a teenager. When I was 13, I took my friend’s mom’s car out for a joyride, and I actually managed to hit somebody else’s car. No one was hurt, but needless to say, I didn’t get behind the wheel again until I had my driver’s license.”

First Audition
“I laugh at it now, but one time I had an agent tell me I would never work in TV if I didn’t get a nose job. People tell you to change yourself to fit into the L.A. scene, but the advice usually
doesn’t make any sense. The next agent told me my nose was great!”

First Casino Windfall
“I never really had an itch for gambling. I work hard for my money, so I don’t like going out and giving it away like that. But I did win 60 bucks once in Vegas. It paid for dinner.”

Amanda Righetti -- Sept 2008 -- Image 1

Amanda Righetti