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You started out as a Hometown Hottie in 2004, and now you’re an MTV star. We think we deserve a cut of your next paycheck!

Oh, for sure! After being voted into the Top 10, I decided to move to L.A. permanently. It kind of launched my career. I am loyal to Maxim through and through.

VIDEO: Amber Lancaster

What were you doing before you became a Hottie?

I was a loan coordinator at a mortgage company in Seattle. My roommate thought I should enter the contest, so we made a video of me dancing around my living room looking like an idiot. If you guys repost that video, I might boycott you.

VIDEO: Miss Fix It: Amber, Part 1

And you were a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks as well, right?

Yeah. We were technically called dancers, but we had pompoms, so it did get a little confusing. The problem is, you tell people you’re a dancer and they think you work at some place called Déjà Vu.

Let’s talk The Hard Times of RJ Berger. What’s it about?

RJ Berger is your quintessential nerdy high school kid, and his friend Miles is always trying to get them noticed and help them move up the social ladder. Anyway, in the very first episode, RJ’s member is exposed at a basketball game.

VIDEO: Miss Fix It: Amber, Part 2

His member?

You know, his thingy! It turns out it’s quite large, so he gains a bit of notoriety. That propels them into more opportunities at school.

Who do you play?

If the show is like Superbad meets The Wonder Years, then I’m kind of the Winnie Cooper... but a little more scandalous.


Yeah, I’m the down-to-earth girl next door, but RJ is constantly having dreams of me ripping my
dress off in the hallway and showing up to school naked.

That sounds intriguing. So MTV is really doing a non-reality show?

People can’t comprehend that MTV is doing something scripted. It’s a really big deal for them. They’re kind of changing their whole image.

Have you partied with the Jersey Shore folks?

I did! They’re pretty fun, but I don’t know if my liver could handle hanging out with them on a daily basis.

Did the Situation show you his abs?

Definitely. I told him it looked like they were slipping a little bit, and I think it hurt the guy’s feelings.

Do you go out and party very often?

Not so much anymore. When I first got to L.A., I’d go out all the time, but now I’m way more of a homebody.

You must get hit with lots of pickup lines when you do go out.

Yeah. I had the worst one the other night. I was out with my girlfriends, and this guy comes up to me and tells me the girl he was just talking to has a bejeweled vagina. She had, like, bejeweled her va-jay-jay! I was like, “Really, dude?”

What exactly was the guy’s strategy there?

He was saying that his friend wanted him to look at it, but he didn’t want to. Am I supposed to think you’re a quality guy because you don’t want to look at the bejeweled vagina? Even I kind of wanted to look at it!

So what would be a better approach for a girl like you?

Just talk to me about normal things, like music. Also, I love guys who know something that I don’t know.

Such as?

Even if I have absolutely no idea what a dude is talking about, like stocks or something, it’s actually really hot.

Amber Lancaster

91. Amber Lancaster-

A former Maxim Hometown Hotties finalist and current star of MTV’s raunchy The Hard Times of RJ Berger, this seriously sexy Seattle native is about to become male America’s newest crush.


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Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster