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The Good Old Fashioned Orgy hottie is looking for her dream guy.

Pick up the September issue of Maxim on newsstands.

You were born in Armenia. Are you into men from your homeland?

It’s funny—guys over there have bangs! They think it’s really attractive, and I’m like, “Girls like that?” I’m still trying to figure it out instead of criticizing it.

No man-bangs. Got it. What’s your type, then?
I’m looking for a guy who makes you want to dance and write poetry all day long. I am very picky, though!

So do you make the first move?
I’m actually very shy; I get uncomfortably nervous to the point that I can’t even say a word. I prefer for things to happen serendipitously, but honestly, I also love terrible pickup lines.

Perfect—that means we’ve won you over. Now where can we take you?
I love surprises, so I always leave it up to the guy. I’m happy to try almost anything…

Even a sex club orgy?
That’s a pretty bad surprise. That’s a surprise that I would run out on and take a taxi home. To see that stuff in a movie is one thing, but to watch people do it to each other in real life—oh, my gosh!

So an on-screen orgy is plenty?
Yes, that’s covered. I haven’t even kissed anyone on a first date, but if I were to really fall for somebody, that might be as far as the night would go.


Birthday: June 30, 1983

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current role: See her (literally) alongside Jason Sudeikis in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.

Recognizable Role: “Umbrella girl in the Cingular ad. There’s a lot of passion over that commercial!”

Classic Crush: Marlon Brando. “A date with him would be heaven.”

Total turnoff: “Spitting. That’s just disgusting.”

Go-to Drink: “Hot chocolate— not spiked with anything!”

Pick up the September issue of Maxim on newsstands.

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