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April 2012 Cover Girl Jennifer Love Hewitt Interview

What can we tell you about a woman you’ve been obsessed with for most of your adult life? Why don’t we start with the obvious—she’s looking hotter than ever. (To our blind readers, our deepest apologies.) Next, let’s discuss The Client List, the sexy and scandalous new TV show in which she stars as—wait for it—a friendly neighborhood prostitute. Finally (and try to keep it together, fellas), shall we point out that she’s recently single? Maxim fans, read this interview and learn why you never stopped loving Jennifer Love Hewitt!

This is your fourth time on our cover. Thank you!
I know it is, and I love my Maxim! It’s my scale of how good I look. Whenever you guys call and say it’s time to be on your cover, I’m like, “OK, I’m in good shape.” And when you don’t call, I’m like, “I guess I should hit the gym.”

Dare we call this the hottest Maxim shoot ever?
We had a good time. It was a little strange because I did the shoot in somebody’s backyard with literally just a bra and panties.

You know, we didn’t even get permission from those people; we just showed up at the house.
I bet. It was probably an odd experience for them seeing me in my underwear in their yard.

Then again, it’s L.A., so that kind of thing probably happens all the time.
That’s true.

Did you have an inspiration for your look?
Yeah, I love the Victoria’s Secret Angels. They’re sort of my gorgeous glamour heroes. So I was definitely channeling that vibe a bit.

Your new Lifetime series, The Client List, sounds pretty sexy. Tell us about your character.
I play an all-American Texas mom who is a former beauty pageant queen. She and her husband and two kids have fallen on very hard times, so she’s forced to become a “working mom,” whose expertise is keeping her clients happy. We’ll just say it that way.

That’s a very nice way to put it.
Thank you. I’ve never played a character who is this overtly sexual. It’s definitely going to be a departure from the normal stuff I do. Plus, we have a lot of really fun things in the series eye-candy-wise for our audience.

Details, please.
It’s a lingerie-heavy show every episode, for my character in particular. It’s not going to be your mother’s Lifetime.

You’re a big proponent of “vagazzaling.” Can you explain what that is?
Vagazzaling is where you stick Swarovski crystals on the female area to add a little glitz and glamour. I actually named it that because it’s like BeDazzling for your hoo-ha.

Well, it’s a very descriptive term.
The fun part of being a girl is that there are little beauty things you can do to make yourself feel special. I can walk around all day and think, Nobody has any idea that I have a sparkly secret in my pants right now. It kind of took off after I wrote about it in my book, and now I have strangers coming up to me all the time like, “Oh, my God, I’m vagazzaled right now. Want to see?” I’m like, “No, I don’t, but congratulations.”

Do you still do it?
I do. I was vagazzaled for my Maxim shoot.

That’s news we can use! By the way, we heard you went to Betty White’s 90th birthday party.
Really? From vagazzaling to Betty White? Segues are not your specialty.

Aw, come on! Didn’t you and Betty White talk vagazzaling?
Yeah, I vagazzaled Betty White for her birthday. No, I didn’t do that, but, yes, I did go to her birthday party. It was so fun!

Now that you’re single, you must get hit on a ton.
It might sound so stupid, but guys do not hit on me. I’m not really sure why, but it’s very rare that a guy will ever come up to me and be like, “I’m going to lay down my game right now, and you’re going to like it.”

At least that spares you from bad pickup lines.
Well, I did get one that was so bad I gave the guy 10 minutes of my time. He was like, “Are you Irish? ’Cause my penis is Dublin.” It was so stupid, but I thought it took some wit at least.

What part of your body are you most proud of?
It’s horrible to say, but I like my boobs. They’ve always served me well. They’re good.

Quite the understatement. Do you have any secret skills we might not know about?
Pole dancing. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your sexuality. I also love to cook, so I can have a cake in the oven while I do a pole dance.

Wow. Has anybody been lucky enough to experience that?
Not yet. I’m reserving that for “the one.”

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