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Name: Ashlan Gorse
Birthday: December 14, 1980
Hometown: North Carolina

Where You've Seen Her: If you've ever watched more than 30 consecutive seconds of the E! Channel, you've seen Ashlan. Almost as busy as World's Busiest Man™ Ryan Seacrest, Ashlan is the top correspondent for E! News Daily and Chelsea Lately—which means she's patrolled more red carpets than Meryl Streep. But don't go thinking she's just a Barbie with a microphone, because the 5'11" Ashlan has paid her dues working for the likes of MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and NBC. It won't be long before she's making the news rather than reporting it.

Delayed Reaction: "One of my very first interviews, I went to interview Meryl Streep in New York. And I went in and I just sat down and we had a fun little chat and it was done. And at the end of the interview, she grabbed my hand and she said, 'That was an amazing interview.' I was like, 'Thanks!' Not a big deal, right? Then I walk outside of the room and I thought, 'Oh my god, I just interviewed Meryl Streep!'"

Ashlan Gorse