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God bless television. When Azita moved to the U.S. from Afghanistan as a child, she learned English by watching the boob tube. And now she’s on it! Tune in to Syfy’s new action series Alphas to see Azita kick ass and take names.

We recently saw you as a dominatrix on Castle. Is your new role as provocative?
Actually my character, Rachel, is very shy. She has the ability to hyper-intensify her senses, and if you touch her in a romantic way it’s incredibly overwhelming. So she hasn’t really experienced those things, because she’s afraid to.

Your parents must be glad to finally see you in an innocent role.
It’s funny. I rebelled against their wishes by moving to L.A., and now they pre­tend my acting career was all their idea! When I was a stripper on Ghost Whisperer, my mom was like, “Oh, you so pretty!”

Was it difficult having an Afghan upbringing in the States?
Definitely. I wasn’t allowed to play with boys or participate in after-school activities or sports. Now I love being physical and seeing how far I can take my body.

Certainly a lot of men do, too. Do you have a long line of suitors?
I do get asked out a lot, so I kind of have this imaginary boyfriend who lives in a different city...

So what kind of real man could steal you away from this fantasy guy?
For me it’s all about that initial electric spark. That’s more important than a man’s age, occupation, or physicality.

Well, we’ve got goose bumps, at least!
Honestly, I love romance; I’m a bit of a prude in my real life!


Kabul, Afghanistan

Birthday: November 17

Dream Superpower: Teleportation. “I’d love to close my eyes and wake up in Cannes.”

Real Superpowers: “My sister used to call me wolf ears, because I can hear everything. Oh, and I can belly-dance.”

Best Red Carpet Date: Woody Allen. “I’m obsessed with his oddity and crea­tivity. I’m sure he’d make it a night to remember.”

Go-To Drink: “If you want to have a good time, give me whiskey.”

Guilty Pleasures: Gossip Girl and flourless chocolate cake.

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