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We know you’ve crooned along to Beyoncé’s single “If I Were a Boy” (we have cameras in your shower!), so now meet the stunner who sang it first (and cowrote it): SoCal native BC Jean. With her sassy debut album out this year, here are a few reasons she’ll have you head over heels.

She has guilty pleasures!
“I take a lot of bubble baths with candles and Fudgsicles, I watch reality TV, and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen The Notebook. I have a few more that people shouldn’t know, so I can’t reveal those…”

She’s a low-key date!
“I was performing in Vegas when I was 16, so that kind of helped me get over the club scene. I still like to go out and whatnot, but I’m definitely a dive-bar-with-a-pool-table kind of girl.”

She loves her fans.
“Recently a pretty girl with a really nice set of boobs asked me to sign them after a show, so I just totally got in there. Guys can follow me on Twitter @bcjean or write me on Facebook. I will definitely respond.”

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