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"Black Sails" Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy

Helping all the scallywags on Starz' new pirate drama, Black Sails, deal with their lousy lives is Max, a prostitute played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Come ashore and meet the Charlie Hunnam-obsessed Canadian cutie. 

Are pirates sexy? 
Well, the ones Max has to deal with are filthy. So in that respect, do I think they're sexy? No. Do I think the pirates on our show are sexy? Yes. Every woman is going to have her favorite.

What do you like in a guy?
He doesn't have to be Mr. Funny all the time, but there's got to be silliness. 

Do you have any celebrity crushes?
Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. I've said it way too many times now! He probably thinks, I hope I never meet this Jessica Parker Kennedy girl, because all she does is talk about me.

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