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A Chat With Adrianne Palicki

When we first met Adrianne Palicki, she played Friday Night Lights’ resident bad girl Tyra Collette and was totally “going deep” with Dillon Panthers fullback Tim Riggins. Jealous as we were, nobody disapproved more than Tim’s older brother, Billy. “This is life,” he chastised. “This isn’t Maxim magazine.” Well, guess what, Billy? This is life, and this is Maxim magazine! We caught up with the all-grown-up gorgeous all-star on the eve of her starring role as Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. America’s never been in better, or hotter, hands.

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Photographed for Maxim by Matt Jones | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

How was your first Maxim shoot?
Awesome. The pictures I saw looked beau­tiful, but I have no idea what you’re picking. It could be a complete ass shot. You never know—it’s Maxim!

Changing the subject immediately, did you have G.I. Joe action figures as a kid?
My brother used to play with them, and anything my brother did I wanted to do. I don’t think he had Lady Jaye, though. Bastard!

Lady Jaye is a weapons expert. Do you have a favorite gun?
An AK is kind of great, but I like the Glock. It’s simple because it’s easy to change the cartridge, so you look like the biggest badass with it. Plus, you can hold it sideways!

Doesn’t that make it harder to shoot accurately?
Yeah, and you also have to be careful of the shell. I got hit in the face with one, and it cut my nose open.

From a round you fired?
No, it was Dwayne’s.

You got shot by Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson? Amazing! How was working with Bruce Willis?
Bruce is an amazing pain in the ass, and I love him to death.

And what about RZA? This cast is ridiculous!
Sadly, I never got to work with him. He only worked with the ninjas. Ninjas are so cool!

Any specific ninja, or just ninjas in general?
Ninjas in general are pretty badass. They have swords, and they can come from ceilings and make themselves disappear!

As a Maxim cover girl, you’re required to register all girl crushes with our database. Please oblige.
Oh, God. I think Eva Mendes is gorgeous. Angelina Jolie’s stunning. Gwen Stefani is pretty sexy, too. Pink! Is it weird that I have a crush on Pink? I have a crush on some women who I actually think might be interested in doing it.

You know, you’re kind of in a position to make that happen.
I’m not into girls. I love women, but I like the penis more.

OK. That may just make it into the article.
That’s totally gonna make it. My dad’s just gonna shake his head when he sees this.

Sorry, Mr. Palicki! Speaking of disappointing your parents, do you have any guilty pleasures?
I smoke casually when I’m on set and when I drink. If I don’t do either of those, I don’t smoke for days! I drink almost every night, though, so let’s just be honest.

Retaliation is a follow-up to 2009’s The Rise of Cobra, and you’re starring in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn. How do you feel about Hollywood’s current trend of rebooting stuff?
I feel it actually does work for action movies, because of technological advancements. It’s harder when you try to remake something like Gone With the Wind. You can’t do it. It wouldn’t be fair.

So Red Dawn is OK to remake?
Yeah, it’s very different from the original. The other thing about remaking action movies is that I feel like now there can be more character development. If you don’t develop a character enough in an action film, I personally don’t give a shit if they die. I’m kind of like, “Oh. Patrick Swayze just blew up.” I’m not even thinking about the character’s name.

And what about 15 years down the line, when some exec pitches a remake of Friday Night Lights?
I’d kill them.

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